Computers for Schools refurbishes computers so that they can be reused by schools, libraries, and non profit organizations within our communities. We refurbish hundreds of computers each year so everyone has the opportunity to expand their knowledge about technology. The program has played an important role in increasing access to technology for all Canadians.

Computers for Schools in the Northwest Territories (CFS-NWT) delivered by Smart Communities Society has refurbished and distributed over 7500 computers to people all across Northwest Territories.  Across Canada, Computers for Schools programs have distributed over 2 MILLION computers since our inception in 1993.


Benefits of Computers for Schools
CFS helps ensure schools and public libraries have equitable access to IT resources.

There are many benefits to using CFS equipment

  • greater ability to stretch IT budgets for equipment
  • equipment is shipped “classroom ready” complete with CPU, LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and Windows 7 operating system
  • reusing technology extends the useful life of assets
  • provides valuable work experience to youth and volunteers
  • provides opportunity for business and government to support NWT education system and an excellent way to support reduce, REUSE, recycle!


Smart Communities Society‘s mission is to broaden community access to knowledge resources by developing and championing sustainable community initiatives and applications using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that enhance transformative social, cultural, educational, and economic opportunities throughout the North.