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The Smart Communities Society and the NTnet Society recently merged and the administration of the dark fiber ring throughout the City of Yellowknife core has been taken over by the Smart Communities Society. The fibre -optic network is situated in 23 buildings in Yellowknife. The Network is an open network available to all. The value of the dark fibre infrastracture is in excess of $150,000 with a replacement value of over $300,000. The merged Society ows a segmented, non-contiguous Class B Internet license. A Cisco central router model is still within current configurations. NTnet also issues IP addresses as a public service, which otherwise would be issued from the south or by a private northern operator.

NTnet functions as the repository/ distributor for IP addresses in the NWT, a service which is best administered by a public/non-profit operator. The network is presently grossly underutilized with vast capacities available for use. The technology that is being used is still very current and can easily be adapted and upgraded to anticipated emerging technology.

The existing dark fibre ring was strung on poles owned by the Power Corporation and the poles had reached the end of their life cycle. All power and communications cabling was to be buried in conduit as part of City beautification and cost efficiency operations.

Smart Communities Society acquired the NTnet fibre network infrastructure in order to create a sustaining program for Smart Communities that is within its core mandate.

There is an emerging market for the fibre without network services in Yellowknife that is being pushed by technology demands and innovative service providers.

Technology informed business are cautiously investing in the technologies, but none have the resources necessary to build a fibre network with redundancy. Their continued use of new IT technologies will utilize and promote the fibre backbone and its management for other business to use the new effective tools for business development.
© 2011 Smart Communities Society. By: Amrik - Manager CFS-NWT
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